"I was introduced to the Truffoire line of products while vacationing in Aruba.I'm a 68 year old, that LOVED the sun in my younger days; and I had mentioned to my husband that I was considering going to a plastic surgeon once we got home to have something done to my dark circles and bags under my eyes.

Needless to say, I won't be having any invasive surgery done now. I have been using the entire facial line along with the Spacetouch device; and in just 3 months, I have had truly amazing results! Once you get your regiment down, it's very easy to continue and doesn't really take much time.

I can hardly wait to see my results after 1 year! My husband looked at me the other day and commented that I looked 10 years younger!. Before I would never go out of the house without makeup; and usually have to apply 2 coars of concealer under my eyes. I can honestly say I've been going shopping now, very confidently, with NO makeup on at all, and look pretty darn good for my age. These products have worked wonders for me in a very short period of time, as my pictures prove!

Thank you for introducing me to these fabulous products; and for saving me from going through surgery and a fortune to have it done. I'm hooked!

Want to enter for a chance to win the Black Truffle

Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum (Valued at $800)?


















Enter for a chance to win our most loved Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving the skin silky smooth and radiant, (Valued at $800).

Your experience matters to us! Please share your thoughts on a recent Truffoire, Gourmet Skincare product trial or purchase. To thank you for your honest feedback, one lucky reviewer will receive our Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum, valued at $800.

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1. Click the button below to enter for a chance to win our Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum, valued at $800.

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4. One lucky winner will be announced every 1st of the month.















"Is It LOVE?"

Enter for a chance to win our most loved Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving the skin silky smooth and radiant, (Valued at $800).


"The Best!"

I’ve never wondered that one day I will become so much concerned about my skincare regimen. All thanks to Truffoire product range that caught my attention by using my favorite ingredient – Truffles in each product. In the beginning, I went for White Truffle Cleansing Kit and Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C and I love everything about these – non-greasy, shows visible results after a week, has hydrating benefits. Now I’ve added their products in my daily skincare regimen, which I feel is totally worth it.

"Absolutely Love The Black Truffle"

Absolutely love the Black Truffle Instant Repair syringe! When first demonstrated on me while we were in Las Vegas a year ago, my husband said it took years off my appearance. Enough said! I love how it magically tightens the eye area and even lightens my dark circles under my eyes.

Love this repair syringe! As an almost 63 year old woman there are days where I just look a little tired. The repair syringe perks up the eye area instantly, well, in less than 5 minutes. I am usually a skeptic about beauty products, but this one is spot on. It is so good that I have had people guess my age as 10-15 years younger than I am!

I am in my late thirties, and never bothered about skin care until I actually hit thirty and saw my first wrinkle. That was one freaky day, I tell you. Switched through a number of brands over the years, liked some and certainly hated many. Recently started a Truffoire regimen, and this is one brand that I am in LOVE with. I’ve used the day moisturizer for a couple of weeks now, and I adore it. I don’t even need any more heavy makeup to hide skin flaws. The moisturizer took care of all that. My blotchiness has totally gone, and I feel so fresh throughout the day!!!

I've been using this since late summer and it works well. My lines around my eyes are taken away.

While I don’t have any major issues with my skin, I do suffer from constant dark circles and puffiness in my eye area. I want to enjoy fresh looking eyes, but my hectic schedule and demanding boss always means too much work stress and lack of sleep. I just bought this serum for brightening the eye area and…. IT WORKS!!! I got attracted when I read the word truffle and luxury skin care in the same line, and I certainly don’t regret my decision. I have been using it for close to 2 weeks, and I love how much the dark circles have reduced.


My derm recommended that I add an eye serum into my skin care regimen, but I just didn’t like the product he recommended. A friend told me to try out Truffoire and I actually liked what I saw. So I thought why not try this brand, after all, someone is already using it right? After using the product for a single week, I am already in love. I have a smoother all-round texture and my blotchy looking skin also seems much better. So much in one week! Really good product!!!

This product really works - One morning after I used it the night before; my daughter said “Mom, what did you do? You eyes look different: pretty and no wrinkles!” The honest opinion of a child is the best proof for effectiveness.

I must have used almost each and every eye cream on the planet (well the cheaper ones), but practically nothing helped me out with the damn eye wrinkles. Which is why I so love this product. It beats them all. I guess that’s why they call it luxury skin care. This eye cream helped in instantly giving a plumped up look and diminished the fine lines within a couple of weeks. I suggest to be a bit patient with it. Your skin should look much better after the first couple of days (definitely in my case). Now I notice the difference as soon as the cream gets properly absorbed.

"I am in my seventies and have never ever used a moisturizer so wonderful. My face feels great . I love it! I live in The Villages Florida & I know the women here would love it also.​"

"I’m 51 tried everything, I usually get a red rash within a day or two. Love this been using now a couple weeks and my skin looks and feels fabulous! Wrinkles getting smaller, noticable changes! So happy!"

"I’m 57 I’ve used a few different lines .. But, this one is a delicious one!!! Just a very little goes a long way!! Please, be disciplined and you’ll see the same results … A healthy happy alone!!"

"I am in my late teens and started using this product a few months ago just two or three times a week. I have found that a little goes a very long way and it has helped massively with the look of my skin as I am less oily, I have virtually zero spots or acne and I get compliments all the time. My skin is fairly sensitive to harsh products but this works perfectly and feels soothing yet still deeply cleansing, and you can actually feel it removing your dead skin and dirt as you use it. I use it with the white truffle cleansing kit and day moisturizer and all three have worked a charm – I am certain to re-purchase and would certainly recommend."

"I have been using the Truffoire White Truffle Facial Peeling and the moisturizer for close to a month. I am in my late forties and suffer from all possible skin issues that someone in her forties is expected to. Ever since I began using this facial peeling, things have really improved. I feel that these products are very effective and this particular product has worked wonders in terms of reducing my acne issues and exfoliating dead skin from my face. I have sensitive skin, so cannot try out too many brands, but I am glad that the Truffoire exfoliator is very gentle and doesn’t cause my skin to burn or tingle either. Could be something to do with the use of truffles as the signature ingredient???"

"This is by far the best peel that I have ever used on my skin. It offers phenomenal results. I use it once every week, sometimes twice a week. All I have to do is gently rub the product all over my face and wash off with water. The result is absolutely fantastic. I always thought that facial peels led to dryness or irritation, but after coming across Truffoire, my impression about facial peels has totally changed. So effective, and perfectly healthy!! Love this product!"

"This product leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. I use it twice a week and once would be just fine! I love this product!!!"

"At the age of 30, I saw that there were some changes around my eyes. So of course I freaked out and began searching for eye creams. Purchased a few eye creams over the past year, but this has been the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE one. I saw a difference right away, and my bf also started complimenting how beautiful my eyes looked after the first couple of days. Thank you Truffoire =)"

"Together with eye serum I can actually see a good results at first application. Wow!!! Love this products it makes me look younger."

"Love my new Eye Treatment !!
Works amazing with the Black truffle syringe"

"So happy to have this cleanser to complete my skincare routine! It calmly cleanses my skin. I have oily skin and this balances without stripping it."

"I love how it gently cleans my face, leaving it perfectly clean without any dryness that I have often experienced with other cleansers."

Your experience matters to us! Please share your thoughts on a recent Truffoire, Gourmet Skincare product trial or purchase. To thank you for your honest feedback, one lucky reviewer will receive our Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum, valued at $800.

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"The World's Most Luxurious Skincare, helping you achieve a flawless skin, while indulging in a pampered spa experience."






































The use of truffles distinguishes our products from the rest.


Truffles have always been famous for delighting our taste buds, but they now offer an indulgent experience for the skin as well. Research has shown that these fungi deliver a range of hydrating benefits and bring about a natural and well-preserved glow

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